You can’t just “get over” it.
But you can GROW through it.

I’ve gone to therapy for years before going through the Growth method. It’s helped, but the same issues kept occurring in my life. Nothing was sticking and I thought I would be over it by now. The awakening to self awareness with this coaching lifted the fog I thought I would live in forever. Life still has its challenges, but now I can catch myself when I’m spiraling and keep moving forward.

Tyra W.

What Are The Benefits

Rebuild trust and safety in yourself and others.

Reclaim your confidence and your freedom.

Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

How This Works

You don’t want your life to be like this forever…so why can’t you just “get over” it?
When you experience a significant challenge in your life, like a divorce, a breakup, the loss of a loved one, abuse, health complications, job loss, or any major crisis, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck.
Grief, pain, and loss can manifest in many different ways. Here are just a few examples of how your grief might be affecting your behaviors and emotions:
You isolate yourself from family, friends, and loved ones—because they think you should be “over it” by now, and they would judge you if they knew you still feel sad, broken, and empty.
You numb the pain with self-sabotaging behaviors, like overspending, overeating, or overindulging in Netflix, social media, sex, or alcohol.
You do everything for everyone else, because “people pleasing” and working overtime distracts you from having to face your own feelings.
You lose sight of your goals, dreams, and passions, which only makes your anxiety, insecurity, and fears about the future worse.
You blame yourself for what happened, and constantly question the decisions you made and obsess over what you could have done differently.
You feel helpless, powerless, and defeated, and you don’t know how the hell you’re supposed to move on with your life from here.
I know it might seem impossible right now to imagine getting past this period of grief, pain, and fear, but I’m here to tell you: It is absolutely possible to bounce forward into a fulfilling life!

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it

“I was guided towards a new way of life. A life full of self compassion, patience, and love towards myself which in turn flows into the relationships around me. With the simple, yet effective, tools given through Miss Monaye’s teaching, I have gained control of the most power tool of all: my own thoughts. I am now able to go after the life I want, sustain close relationships, and when I’m falling off track, I forgive instead of judge.”

— Asia W.

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Step 3

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What’s Included

All clients can expect the following

Introducing: the GROWTH Method.

The GROWTH Method is a 6-step life coaching formula that helps you use the challenges you’ve faced to create the life you truly desire.

I won’t teach you techniques to “cope with” grief. I won’t tell you to move past it, get over it, put it on the back burner, or think about something positive instead.

Instead, I will help you navigate your emotions, so you can bounce forward into your new life—not bounce back into your old one.

I will help you realize how the challenge you faced is part of your life now, and how to acknowledge it as you heal.

Together, we will rewrite your story and create a happy, healthy, and joyful life, so you can:

Acknowledge what happened to you, and give yourself some GRACE and self-compassion.

RECONNECT with who you are today, instead of always trying to access what happened to you in the past.

OWN your story, so that you can WRITE the next chapters based on what you truly desire for your life.

Remove the blocks in your mind that keep you stuck, and change the repeating THOUGHTS that are holding you back from achieving what you want.

Get the HAPPY ENDING where you get to live the life of your dreams.

Meet Your Coach

Monaye Marcia

Monaye Marcia is a Certified Life Coach helping people tell a new story about their journey after experiencing life-altering trauma.

Monaye’s unique and custom approach helps her clients integrate alternative thinking methods and new ideas into their day-to-day lives in an effort to change the habits and setbacks that stand in the way of their progress. This methodology is what she calls The Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset.

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