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Monaye Marcia

Monaye Marcia is a Certified Life Coach helping people tell a new story about their journey after experiencing life-altering trauma.

Monaye’s unique and custom approach helps her clients integrate alternative thinking methods and new ideas into their day-to-day lives in an effort to change the habits and setbacks that stand in the way of their progress. This methodology is what she calls The Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset.

With each new session, Monaye walks with her clients to help them uncover a whole new world of opportunity and wonder beyond their challenges in the past. Far too often, people try to forget to move forward – unfortunately, this route often brings more difficulties than success.

Instead, Monaye empowers her clients to face their past head-on and use it as a stepping stone to the future. She works one on-one with her clients to transform their trauma into part of their healing journey. It is their story to tell; it can be written precisely how they want it to be.

Monaye’s clients suffer from being hopeless, lost, out of control, and part of the neverending loop of despair. Through her own journey battling with divorce, alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, and countless other challenges, she understands the feelings. She has pushed through the setbacks and is now on a mission to help every other person on a similar journey towards hope and fulfillment.

The Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset is designed to inspire and motivate every survivor, every person healing from trauma. No matter what you have gone through, no matter how much you have suffered or are still suffering, there is a light, there is a hope to move forward effectively.

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